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Story of the Sentou in Tokyo

  • Man (29 years old)

    I’d like to be nostalgic feeling like the sunset of 3-Chome of ALWAYS, and the tour of public baths is made good.
    There seems to be a problem variously now, and I don’t come across it so much in today, but when there is a watch stand at the place I entered unexpectedly casually, the watch stand where the ladies’ section of a bathhouse and the men’s section of a bathhouse connected feels like being wonderful.

  • Lady (24 years old)

    I’m happy that it’s more economical than skin becomes slippery, and I go to aesthetics, when I enter a public bath with a real hot spring.
    When milk in a bottle of a vending machine and a rather old massage chair are seen, because the nostalgia to which I have time-travelled from today can be tasted, besides I also like a public bath.

  • Man (46 years old)

    I thought there were few locations like the public bath in an area along a railway line in the Yamanote Line, that it’s unexpected, I was astonished that it’s many.
    The taste which feels the traditional some dear downtown feelings was liked very much.
    The atmosphere which can’t be tasted at a place like the day trip hot spring where it’s also in an area was good.

  • Man (33 years old)

    I have been to an Oedo hot spring by a couple.
    Bathing is gender-segregated, but a festival day is enjoyed, looking at her yukata form and it’s flooded with a footbath, and you can enjoy yourself enough.
    Without getting tired, you could also wait for her Nagayu because you could take a break by a chair with a television.
    If a child is born, I think by all means, I’ll bring you there.
    I think it’s most as the public bath which can be enjoyed with the family.

  • Man (33 years old)

    I had come to Kanda-gawa, so I went to the public bath in Koishikawa.
    The “kabuki hot water” which can enjoy medicated bath of week replacement is its cure spot.
    There are a sauna and a cold-water bath, so I have a good sweat and am refreshed, feeling becomes refreshing and is refreshing. I also like the electric bath.

  • Lady (29 years old)

    Natural hot spring Anyway Spa LaQua is fashionable and is the super public bath where you can relax.
    It’s as well as the kind of hot springs, but it also has the abundant kinds of saunas. You can put on inside of the building arrive and take a sauna by men and women, so it’s possible to enjoy a date, isn’t it?
    I have taken a rather lukewarm sauna, take a nap by 2 people and have spent.
    You can have a resting room of female exclusive use and also use a make-up tool freely, so I’m also relieved at the work way back by myself.

  • Lady (34 years old)

    When living alone at Shin-koiwa, for about 5 minutes, I went to Shin-koiwa public bath for about 2 minutes from a home from the station. The price is reasonable, is a democratic public bath and is healed. Medicated bath and an air bubble bath made them strike it and there were hot water and a sauna. A house was a unit bath, so winter could be flooded with the wide bath, and was heaven. ♪ which was home and was enjoying a public bath life after I drank bottled milk

  • Lady (37 years old)

    When it’s flooded with the open bathtub in a public bath comfortably for the body which is always tossed by domesticities and child care, feeling refreshes itself very much. It’ll be to the extent I won’t want to enter a small unit bath in a home any more.

  • Man (53 years old)

    When taking a pigeon bus and taking an excursion the other day, I went to a public bath.
    There were many places natural hot spring can enjoy in a city, and you can’t stretch the leg and can go casually to a far place intentionally, so it was good.
    You’re also very happy that’s reasonable,

  • Man (41 years old)

    I’d like to take a big bath after a long time, and went to a public bath.
    You could enter Kuroyu skin becomes slippery where freely and relax very much.
    It’s attractive to form slowly at a nearby place. The place you make a pother in the city forget.